Here is what we are seeing this week.

B to b Marketing Programs

As we anticipated a few weeks ago the majority of the movement we are seeing in our business and hearing about from partners is in the form of b2b tours. 

  • – Assets are being purchased and customized for essentially mobile trade shows.
  • – We are seeing agencies interview road teams for these projects but have not heard about many hard offers.
  • – We have not seen a contract with a firm start date.
  • – Tentative start dates range from July to September.  

It will be interesting to see if these actually go out.  With trade shows being cancelled it has become more critical for product makers to take their products to customers.  Roadshows can operate and be effective with groups under 10 people so these projects seem plausible.

B to C Marketing Programs

B to C programs are more interesting.  We are seeing very tepid inquiries for late in the year.  This week planning seems to have shifted from Q3 to Q4. 

The most interesting part of these inquiries are the programs.  The vast majority of the inquiries we receive are the same activation types that existed pre-covid-19.  This is troublesome. If brands want to engage in Experiential Marketing in 2020 they cannot use the same “old” activations.  What worked in 2019 will not work in 2020. If marketers cannot come up with more innovative solutions they will not be executing in 2020. 

Conversely, small business owners have successfully pivoted their thinking and inquiries for mobile business assets ticked up this week.

is experiential marketing showing signs of life

Marketers using pre-covid-19 methods will not be executing in 2020.

Being a Marketplace and not an agency the hope is the that we are receiving inquires for budgeting purposes only and when projects get serious marketing teams or agencies will be engaged to come up with innovative ideas for the current environment. 

Opportunities abound for creative marketers.  The world is in a state of high stress and high tension.  Relief from which is welcomed.  What that actually means is the bar is low for a laugh or a smile and that smile will be remembered.  These activations need to be thoughtful in order to not add stress to concerned citizens.  Think small, think neighborhood, think about what would make you smile, what would help your family.

Below are a couple options for to b to c marketing that could be created at a very low cost for brands wanting to test the waters.  These assets could be used to create mobile billboards, touch-less activations, or event interactive displays with protective barriers for staff and public.

small display trailer