Nest by Google mobile marketing truck

Mr. Sweeny (VP Marketing) described the truck as his “Swiss-army knife,” capable of executing several marketing objectives at once.

We have discovered that even search giant Google uses mobile marketing vehicles to promote their products further illustrating how vital experiential is to a marketing campaign.

The Ad Age article reports that Google’s subsidiary, Nest enlisted a mobile marketing vehicle to promote their newest product by adopting an old Fire Engine and turning it into a mobile display and a popup store.  Found on Craigslist (government auction sites have dozens dirt cheap too) the folks at Nest customized the fire truck to demonstrate their smart smoke detector, Nest Protect. Half demonstration and half retail sales the promotional vehicle has pulled double duty around the country for the past year and found it’s way to New York City and is now parked in Manhattan.

If you are thinking the Google subsidiary is tapping mobile marketing not Google think again. Just over a year ago Google kicked off it’s Google Glass Tour in Durham, NC to allow consumers to see, touch, and feel the product while being educated on it’s potential applications. And don’t forget the barge in the San Francisco Bay. Google was building perhaps the world’s biggest mobile popup store until seafaring regulations proved too costly.

There power of mobile vehicles and a live emotional connection continues to push brands and marketers to integrate experiential into marketing campaigns.  As technology products rapidly evolve, they create knowledge gaps in the both the retail consumer and b2b customer.  Mobile experiences are able to bridge the fear gap, teach the consumer, and create a positive unique experience that attendees will carry long into the future. Clicks are great but if you want to educate consumers and increase sales, build an experience and go mobile.

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