Glass Event Truck 15 Minute Setup with 1 Staff

In this video you will see how quickly the Glass Event Truck entry way can be setup by a single staff or the driver.

The truck has no hydraulic leveling or other landing components.  Once in place attach the entry way by leveling to the truck.

The Entry system consists of 9 parts.  The stairs and the landing platform are the most difficult and require care and some training for a single person to move them into place.  For a 2 person team they would be extremely simple.  The operator should take care and remember the landing railings need to be attached prior to attaching the landing to the truck.  Check that the door will open before adding stairs.

The stairs are awkward but attach very simply to the landing.  They have adjustable feet for leveling when needed.

The stair railing drop in simply but can be difficult to remove.

3 Bracing crosses are added  for added security.

The Glass Event Truck is one of the most versatile vehicles available.  It can work as a showcase, a retail shop, or meeting space.


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