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This 32′ gooseneck exhibit trailer was formerly a b2b mobile tour trailer.

Aluminum construction and extended height give this unit a big trailer feel without the big trailer weight.  The exhibit trailer comes with dual air conditioners and a 10 kw Onan generator.  The trailer has aproximately 24 feet of activation area with 8 feet of gooseneck to house the generator, stairs, railings, and storage.  There are seperate hatches for generator access and storage access.  The exhibit trailer is 8.5 feet wide.

The current configuration with a rear fold down ramp entry way is ideal for business to business roadshow applications.  This could easily be converted into a more elegant raised rear landing.  The rear landing paired with an outdoor monitor create an addional demonstration area and extend the event footprint.

Rear and or side awnings could also be added to further extend the footprint.  Adding outdoor event elements and sound are great enhancements for summer consumer mobile tours, fall campus tours, and football gameday activations.

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