Experiential Vehicles is designed to make experiential marketing event vehicle procurement simpler.

The marketplace lists experiential marketing vehicles available for sale or lease. Vehicles range in size from small trailers and vans to large footprint vehicles such as 53′ double expandable trailers and tour buses.

The intent of the Marketplace is to allow the repurpose and reuse of existing event marketing vehicles.

Recycling vehicles can save significant program costs versus building new.

Making more experiential vehicles available at multiple price points allows more brands and causes to participate in the powerful and tactile world of experiential marketing. Operating mobile tours, product roadshows, and other live events allow businesses of all sizes to reach and grow their audiences.

Meet the team.

Our staff all have 10 or more years in experiential marketing.
Complimentary skills make our team the most knowledgable vehicle and transport specialist in the market.
Every one on our team is a professional doing what they enjoy and it shows.

About our Vehicles

Vehicles listed on the “Vehicle” pages are available and believed to be built by reputable fabricators. We have spoken to the owners and make every effort to maintain accurate representation of the vehicles and their availability status but are not responsible for any misinformation.

Details and prices listed in this website are estimates for reference only.  Please call or email to verify details and current availability of assets.  In person inspection of assets is always recommended prior to leasing or purchasing.

vintage marketing truck

About the “Ideas Blog”

The Ideas Blog is a combination of marketing vehicles and mobile tour news that we believe are good ideas for promotional vehicles or mobile tour campaigns.

Use the blog to find unique promotional vehicles and trailers, learn about why brands choose to engage in experiential marketing, or just as inspiration for your own creative experiential marketing ideas.

The experiential marketing vehicles listed on the blog are vehicles our staff finds actively for sale but has not verified with the owners.

Vehicles make the Ideas Blog because they are believed to be quality vehicles that would make good promotional vehicles or experiential marketing event trailers.

News stories are found on the web and posted to show the diverse use of experiential marketing vehicles from national business to business roadshows to regional consumer mobile tours.