1939 vintage camper


1939 Covered Wagon Co. vintage camper and Nash Custom

We would certainly hate to break up this matching set of vintage mint green but we couldn’t let this 1939 trailer go by.  There are not a lot of 1930’s trailers out there and even less in this good a condition.  The trailer is made by the Covered Wagon Trailer Co. is reported to be a “time capsule in excellent condition.”

vintage camper

The interior is said to be original wood with a lot chrome fixtures and appears to be in great shape.  The curved wood walls and wood ceiling add to the look and feel of the trailer.  The Fred Estair’s are reported to have had the 1937 version of this camper and it is still around today.

The exterior looks great and appears to be modeled after a train car which just adds to nuance of this trailer.  Not a fan of the green, it is certainly period correct.

The Nash seems to be having a little trouble towing the trailer but it would probably not fit with many campaign images anyway.  The trailer might be best paired with something modern for a tour or by looking into one of the numerous vintage trucks we have posted in the past for a more PR based project.

This trailer does have some considerations before promotional use.

There appears to be one outlet above the sink so electrical upgrades might be required.  Also there does not seem to be any air conditioning.  That could be an easy fix or quite complicated depending on the size of the existing ceiling vent and electrical panel.  However if the trailer fits the campaign image, it definitely might be worth consideration.

The combo is currently located in north west Idaho.

1939 Cover Wagon Trailer